Surviving Cities


After Washington’s destruction during the Event, a provisional government was quickly established in Atlanta, GA. The president at the time, Darren Ross, and his cabinet were not seen from again, and the current President, Janice Mallory, is now the first female head of the executive branch. Despite the difficult timing and outrage at how she obtained the office, her decisive leadership and forward thinking in difficult times easily won her an official reelection a few years later.

Janet quickly maneuvered to officially move the to Atlanta, and pressured the congress to create local offices to investigate the effects of what the media had dubbed the Reclamation. Despite her urgings, Congress was slow to act. As a result, a number of corporations and privately funded groups began their own investigations, and soon it was all they could do to establish rules and regulations for those already involved. Many of the companies clamoured for licensing or exclusive rights, but the now heavily stretched government could afford little in the way of policing such matters and so staunchly refused.

Instead, the United States Government (which staunchly refused to rename itself, even after the official dissolution of its individual state governments) created two organizations to help educate and regulate expeditions into what was now being referred to as Wild Country: the -Department of Restructured Sciences, still located in Atlanta, is tasked with tracking, verifying and educating expedition groups into the Wilds, while the Bureau of Metaphysic Investigations, which was started in Atlanta but has been moved to the resettled city of Des Moines, consolidates and conducts research into the changes and how it may affect the country and its people.

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Surviving Cities

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